3 Facts About Hispanic Purchasing Power

The 2010 census reports Hispanics are the largest minority group in most of the metropolitan areas in the United States. It is projected that Hispanics will make up 30.2% of the nation’s population by July 1, 2050.

Consequently, Forbes has found that Hispanics in the U.S. have an astounding $1.7 trillion in purchasing power, which is only set to rise in coming years. Given the huge amount of purchasing power the Hispanic market has, companies must strive to understand this large ethnic minority group.

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7 Reasons Why Multicultural Marketing Matters

Multicultural marketing encompasses the culture of your target audience including their language, traditions, customs, and beliefs. Keep on reading to find out why multicultural marketing matters.

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what is multicultural marketing

Defining Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing is more than just numbers and speaking the language. It is about speaking the culture which is defined by the people, their deeply rooted history, and reality.

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