Moving Into Our New Place

Update: Kooltura Marketing has a new location at 38 W. Santa Clara Ave San Jose, CA.

The new year marks the beginning of an exciting time for Kooltura Marketing. We are officially moved in at our new location in Downtown San Jose. We love the new space and we’re in great company. We are in the same building as San Jose Jazz, Content Magazine and SV Creates.

Our new office is only a few miles west of our old location at the Mexican Heritage Plaza where we will still be available by appointment.

Besides the potential collaborations with our amazing neighbors, we are excited to soak up everything and anything that is downtown, from great food choices to the undercurrent of great art and music. We want to help define what downtown is by exploring the known and helping in the discovery of the latest scene.

We are still in the process of finishing the design of the new office. We want it to reflect our culture and the way we organize around our work, but the truth is we already feel more creative in our new space. The end result will provide an environment that will allow us to continue to bring fresh ideas to our current clients and offer our services to new ones.

DSC_0128 (1)

View of the entrance from the outside.

DSC_0134 (1)

Looking into the main office



Inside the main office

We invite you to visit our office and learn a bit more about us. Feel free to contact us, even if it’s just to say hi. We have a wonderful and friendly team.